Christine describes her life as having been wonderfully diverse.  Born in Washington State in 1957, her family moved every one to two years due to her father’s military status.  There was alcoholism in the home which led to her parents’ divorce when she was 16 years old.  Following the divorce, she, her mother, and sister moved into a one bedroom apartment with three twin beds and one closet.  All three got jobs.  Christine was a housekeeper for an elderly couple until she found work taking orders and cooking in a hamburger joint. Since that time, she has, among other things, been a waitress in numerous restaurants, a full time and fill in dental assistant, a college student twice earning a bachelors, then a master’s degree in social work, a farmer driving wheat truck , tractor, and building corrals; a rancher riding horses and branding cattle, and a medical social worker for a dialysis unit and hospital.  She has also had the privilege of working in the field of home health and hospice, being co-leader of a 4-H beef club with her husband, and a board member for a developing children’s bereavement support center.

She and her husband experienced big city lifestyle when they lived in the Washington D.C. area from 2006 to 2008.  Prior to that time they had had no neighbors they could see for over 18 years.

She has been a survivor of breast cancer since 1996.

Since first discovering God’s love for her over 25 years ago, (see testimony) Christine has held various positions in the women’s ministry of Aglow International.  They ranged from tape recording chairman, and hostess, to secretary and president of their local women’s outreach.  She has attended and facilitated numerous bible studies. She has learned much and received healing by way of prayer and counseling. She is a wife of 40 years, a mother of two wonderful children, a mother-in-law, and joyously a Granna to two beautiful grandaughters.  

 Christine says:
“I am thankful and amazed at the many opportunities and challenges the Lord has given me.  My greatest learning comes from the “on the job training” I receive as I seek God’s guidance, wisdom and direction in my life.  He has been with me through every step; leading, teaching and healing me.  I am eternally grateful for His Presence. It is my prayer that God will use what He has taught me to encourage others in the knowledge of His amazing love for them.

May each of you rest in His faithful care as you walk closely with Him.
God has good things planned for your life! “

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  1. P.S. I am sooooooo happy for you that you survived cancer. keep going!!!


    1. Thank you!

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