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Our Little Is Enough

Today I am finishing up the preparations necessary for a Women’s Conference I will be attending this weekend.  I am excited to have been invited to take ALME’s greeting cards and pictures, along with a couple of new items, to be made available for purchase throughout the conference.  It is a good reason to get things in order for the on-line store we are planning to open before Christmas of this year.  Sales will help ALME to continue with our Mission and Vision.

It is amazing to think that ALME has been in existence 9 years.  It came about when my son-in-law offered to create a web site for my writings when my husband and I had moved to Washington DC.   I knew no one there, intentionally determining to take a rest, and had decided not to work in town so that I could manage farm business and be available to assist our elderly Mothers should the need arise.  At that time, our son-in-law had a 9-5 job and no children.  He is a VERY energetic, patient man, who likes to get up early to accomplish special projects.  I am thankful that ALME was the project that he chose at that time.  Without he and his idea, ALME would not be.

Things have changed since ALME’s inception.  Our son-in-law now has a job that keeps him very busy, as well as a family and home responsibilities.  Still, he makes himself available when there needs to be an emergency fix.  He is currently creating the store.  Our daughter is my faithful proof reader in spite of her very busy life, and our son takes time every week to phone me from Seattle to make sure I stay focused and accomplish my goals.  I am so thankful for them.   May The Lord bless each one.

As for myself, I have been able to write and work on ALME in varying degrees throughout the years.  Sometimes I have had just a little time, other times I have had more.   No matter the amount of time, The Lord always seems to make it enough to accomplish what it is He is asking me to do in that season.  I have often asked myself,  “what the heck  do you think you are doing anyway?”.   But Jesus has not said to lay ALME down, so I am obedient and continue on, trusting Him to take my offering and use it to encourage others who He brings to the site.

As I was pricing and packing and preparing, never imagining that my small dreams of a website 9 years ago would lead to photographs and greeting cards and Daily Scriptures and Weekly Posts,  I was reminded of “What is Luke 9:10-17”.  It is one of the very first articles written on ALME, the story of how Jesus fed the 5000 with five fishes and two loaves given to Him by the disciples.  Had they not given Jesus what was available, the people would not have been able to eat and would have had to leave The Lord.  Had the disciples tried to feed the people with this meager offering on their own,  the people would have gone hungry. Yet they brought what they had to Jesus.  You have gifts that others need as well.

Just as my son-in-law gave a snippet of an idea here, and a bit of time there, The Lord has given you ideas and pieces of time too.  As my daughter and son are sacrificing to bring their expertise to help make ALME better, you have expertise in areas that Jesus can use.   As I had a desire to encourage others in their faith, Jesus has given you desires for your life and for the lives of others.  So I dare you.  Stop and think about the needs of those around you.  Take a few moments to reflect on your hopes and your dreams and your gifts.   Go ahead and give Jesus your little.  He will make it enough.

What is Luke 9:10-17


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