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Last weekend at church we sang a song called We Exalt Thee.  It is a wonderful, older song, and many different artists have performed it throughout the years.  As I was singing and exalting The Lord, I was thanking Him for what He has done in my life.  Then He took my memories back to when I first became a Christian.  I remembered being at a meeting singing that very same song.  When we came to the chorus- “I Exalt Thee”- I sang what I thought was the refrain;  “I Am Sorry. I Am Sorry. I Am Sorry. Oh Lord!!!”, over and over again.  Tears streamed down my face as the shame of my past and the focus on my failings prevented me from hearing the true lyrics  of the song.

I didn’t yet fully realize what Jesus had done when He chose to die for me on The Cross.  I did not know that as He received the lashes on His body, He brought healing to my life.  I didn’t know that when they pressed the crown of thorns into His head, every unkind word of judgment against me would be rendered powerless when I brought them before Him. As He suffered on The Cross, even feeling abandoned by His Own Father, He bore the weight of my every sin. I didn’t fully understand that when He conquered death and rose again, He bought eternal life for me.  I now realize that as He looked at me standing there weeping, He saw me as whole and forgiven because of His suffering on The Cross.

This coming Sunday we will celebrate Easter.  What a wonderful time to begin your new life.    Jesus will walk with you daily teaching you, that you might understand  His Great Love.  He will lift you out of your shame and fill you with joy, as you sing your praises to Him.
Opening The Door is one of the most important pages on this site.  It explains how to invite Jesus into your life.
Growing in Faith gives helpful information on how to move forward after you have done so.


4 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER WEEK!

  1. Beautiful.

  2. What a NOW word for me. What confirmation! Thank God for willing servants like you Christine! This is where I am at. Being freed from the past! Healed with the truth of God and His love for the future. Thank You Lord, Jesus

  3. Wonderful article Chris I knew you then and have seen you overcoming so much with Jesus. You are a precious friend and a blessing in so many peoples lives.Have a wonderful Resurrection Day

    1. It’s been a blessing to have you in my life for all these years!

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