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This Week’s Post-Next Week

It has been an exceptionally busy week.   It has been a very unusual day!  Therefore, you will be reading this week’s post- next week.

As you are likely aware, ALME likes to publish it’s weekly posts on Thursday or Friday. Today is my self-imposed deadline to get our e-mail sent and our story on Facebook. This time, however, it will not be so.   For today included:

keys locked in a vehicle resulting in a call to and wait for AAA
sporadic internet service preventing the saving of changes after they were made as I was writing the article. I would then get to try to remember what I had changed and start over!
a volunteer proof reader, for whom I am exceedingly grateful, who wasn’t able to check the story because I didn’t meet the deadline for her to do so
a phone charger that blew up resulting in electrical problems and no internet service at all
our website e-mail isn’t working so those signed up to receive the article won’t be able to receive it

There was a day when I would have been in a panic because I didn’t get our post out.  I would have chastised myself and felt guilty for not getting it done.  This week, however, I am simply choosing to trust God to cover it, and to let our readers know what has happened. I will finish the article next week when our internet is reliable,  my proof-reader is available, and my phone charger is not blowing up.  Maybe it will be even better because I have more time to finish it!

I know The Lord is not surprised about these things.   I wasn’t hurt by the charger.  The car did eventually get unlocked.  I have told Him I was sorry for not starting on the article earlier this week (procrastinating).  I have come up with a plan to help me do better next time.  And I know He understands.

So I will close this note with a prayer.

Father, I thank You for each set of eyes that is reading the words on this page. I pray that as they go through this week that You would bless them with Your Peace. I pray that You will watch over and protect them and those that they love. I ask you to intervene on their behalf when there are circumstances that require Your help.  I pray that You will guide and lead and protect them each step that they take every day.   In Jesus’ Name. Amen



2 thoughts on “This Week’s Post-Next Week

  1. Praise God for His faithfulness during our mundane setbacks. Thank you for not beating up on yourself, but putting you in His hands.
    You are open and real….thank you…it helps the rest of us to know that when “real life” happens, God is still in the middle.

    1. Thank you Nell! I appreciate you so. And as you know, I am very, very real…. 🙂

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