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One of the ways God helps us to grow in our faith and in the understanding of His love for us is through other people.  He tells us to gather together to exhort (encourage) one another (Hebrews 10:25) in Jesus.  There have been times in my life when the encouragement of others meant more than you can imagine.  Growing in faith takes effort.  The love and support of God’s family helps us with that effort. 

One place to find that family is in a church.  If you don’t currently have a church family, you may wish to look for one.   Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find a church that meets your needs right away.  It is okay to visit different churches until you find one where you feel at home.  Pray and ask the Lord to give you guidance.   Once you find a church, be bold and join a small group or bible study.  This will allow you to develop relationships one on one. 

If church is not a possibility, be certain and find another form of Christian fellowship.  There are various men’s and womens groups, as well as community and individual bible studies.  Even one person with whom you can share your faith will make a huge difference.  While the Lord is always with us, He also created us to need one another.  I Corinthians 12:20-26 describes the Christian family as a body being made up of many parts.  Now that you are part of that body, you need the rest of the body, and it needs you. 

As a side note*
Often I hear people say that they don’t go to church because Christians are hypocrites.  Fact is, the Father is perfect, His children are not.  Each of us has our wounds, our hopes, our fears and experiences that affect the way we behave.  Don’t let that rob you of the joy you will find as you come together with others who are living in Christ.  God can use even our imperfections to cause growth in us and those around us.  We can love and be loved, forgive and be forgiven, and learn to rely on our Lord for comfort when others disappoint us.  He has given us one other for that very purpose.

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