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* How did A Little Made Enough get started?
* What denomination is Christine?
* What religious training does she have?
* May I use information posted on ALME?
* Which Writings are available as greeting cards?

How did A Little Made Enough get started?
In 2006 Christine and her husband moved from Washington State to Washington DC when her husband was offered a job there. Christine had the desire to write, and had been working on a Christian writing project for some time with a friend. Prior to relocating to Washington DC, work and family had kept her very busy, leaving limited time to work on the project. While it was difficult to leave her home and family, an unforseen benefit of the move was having time for the project as well as for addtional writing. It was also a time of personal and spiritual growth. Christine didn’t know what God had planned for her writing, or the personal growth for that matter, but believed this was how she should be using her time after the move. A year and a half later her son-in-law suggested creating a website upon which to publish her work. While she only had a little in terms of finished writing and no knowledge about how to do a website, she knew God was asking her to begin. The name for the site came about when she said yes to God, trusting that He would take the little that she had and turn it into enough. That continues to be her prayer.

What denomination is Christine?
As a Christian, Christine considers herself to be a “follower of Christ.” She has attended different churches throughout the years as God has led. She is non-denominational.

What religious training does she have?
Since first discovering God’s love for her over 25 years ago, (see testimony) Christine has held various positions in women’s ministries, from being in charge of tape recording and hostessing to being secretary and president of a local outreach for Women Aglow, now Aglow International. She has attended and facilitated numerous bible studies. Christine has spent many hours reading God’s word for herself and encourages everyone to search the scriptures. Christine believes it is important that we become studiers of the Word so that we are not misled. She has learned much and received healing by way of prayer and counseling with wise women God has sent her way.
Christine’s greatest learning has come from the “on the job training” she has received from God as she has sought His guidance, wisdom and direction. She knows He has been present every moment of her life, providing training, teaching and healing.

May I print information posted on ALME?
Materials on ALME are copyrighted, and for personal use only. Permission for any other use may be requested by contacting ALME.

Which writings are available as greeting cards?
A list of cards available are on the  Help ALME Continue page.

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