Future Possibilities

Photo byCheryl Ennis

*A monthly e-mail telling readers what is new on the site.

*Forgiveness is a foundation of our faith.  ALME would like to develop a bible study on “The  Promised Land of Forgiveness” for readers that they may journey into the freedom that forgiveness provides.

*An online bible study through ALME for “The Promised Land of Forgiveness”.

*Knowing who we REALLY are according to God’s Word is vitally important.  ALME would like to create a short book or bible study available through the ALME website to help readers know how God sees them.

*ALME would like to create a page for readers to submit personal prayer requests so that we can pray more specifically for one another.

*ALME would like to add a bereavement component to the site.

*ALME would like to develop an on-line store to make items designed to encourage readers in their faith available for purchase.

*See ALME’s Mission and Vision page.

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