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Luke 9:10 The story of when Jesus multiplied two fishes and five loaves.  With His touch there was enough to feed five thousand.  As we choose to give Jesus the little we have, He touches it and it becomes enough.
More about Luke 9:10-17 Choosing to follow Jesus does not guarantee a life of ease.  It does promise, however, God’s presence as we walk the path of our lives.
Opening the Door If you’ve never made the important decision of inviting Jesus into your life, this shows you how and why you may choose to do so.
Growing in Faith Provides information on beginning or strengthening your walk with God.
Pearls of Wisdom Grab a pearl for your day!
Important Things to Know  As you follow God.  Encourages you in His love!
About the Author Includes a brief testimony of Christine.
Frequently Asked Questions Provides answers to questions such as how the site got started, and how information from A Little Made enough may be used.
Future Possibilities Future ideas, hopes and possibilities for ALME.
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References/CopyrightContact Us Copyright information.  References used in ALME.Contact us with your questions and comments regarding the site.
Abiding on the Vine

Choose Life

Articles on a variety of topics followed by scripture and prayer.

Every day we choose between life and death, blessings and cursings with our actions.

Conversations With God

The Granna Chronicles

Reflection questions follow.

Follow stories about Granna and SweetPea and get a glimpse into the Love of God for you.

Guest Authors  To encourage you in God’s love and faithfulness by utilizing short writings about His goodness.  These writings have been submitted by invited guests.
Partners In Prayer  Invites you to Partner in Prayer with ALME for its needs and the needs of its readers.
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The majority of scripture on the site is from the KJV bible.  ALME encourages you to explore other translations as well.

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