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2-24-18  ALME is in the process of  creating an on-line store!!!  Greeting cards, photos and framed pictures will be available.  Our goal is to open before Christmas this year.

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07-13-17  Christine’s Days -I Have Got This!

“I Have Got This!”

07-07-17  Christine’s Days-No Introduction Needed

No Introduction Needed

06-28-17  Christine’s Days- Chew On This

Chew On This!

06-17-17  Christine’s Days

Hello Again!

02-22-12  Christine’s Days
Fasting-My Attitude

Pearls-February ’12

02-14-12 Christine’s Days
He Loves You

01-19-12 Granna Chronicles-
Prayin’ for ‘No

5-01 -11 through 01-01-12
Pearls of Wisdom

Christine’s Days: Short writings and reflections from Christine’s everyday life. 

Important Things to Know: Jesus Is A Gentleman

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Abiding on the Vine: Waiting

Pearls of Wisdom for October

Pearls of Wisdom for August

God has a precious gift for us.  It is “The Gift of Faith”.
Conversations With God: The Gift of Faith

We can choose to trust and follow God, “No Matter What”.
Important Things To Know: No Matter What

With all the serious events happening in our world, it is good to remember to laugh.
Granna Chronicles: Laughter

Are you staying connected to your power source?  It can be easy to become unplugged.
Important Things to Know: Staying Connected

God is thinking of you.  Right now!
Granna Chronicles: Vacation

God is Mighty.  He wants to come to our rescue.
conversations with God: Psalm 18 

A prayer that comes from the promises of Psalm 91.
Abiding on the Vine:  Prayer from Psalm 91

We can trust and rest in the Lord, no matter the circumstances.
Abiding on The Vine: Trust

Life is precious.  Yet sometimes we forget.
Important Things to Know:  I Hate My Life

You have a purpose no one else can fulfill!
Important Things to Know: You Have A Purpose

See God’s love for you and I reflected in the stories about Granna and SweetPea.  Be sure and enter to find the stories in The Granna Chronicles

We can rest in the assurance of God’s presence.
Conversations With God:  I Am Here.
Important Things to Know: Poem: I Am Here

Choose Life:  New Articles on Our Thoughts, Words and ActionsThere is the power of life and death in our daily choices.

Important Things To Know:
God loves to spend time with us.  Read His invitation to join Him in The Meadow.
Our tears are precious to the Lord.  See just how important they are in Tears In A Bottle.

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